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Brimming with violence and nudity GTA 5 incorporates every sinful vice you can imagine from drug and alcohol abuse to coarse language. You play as a hardened criminal, and you kill everything from fellow gang members to police and innocent civilians. The game lets you make your character smoke marijuana and drink alcohol, which will impact the character's perception of the world. GTA 5 certainly offers the dark side of entertainment. You do not want to look at any of these characters as a role model. All of them commit crimes, and you have few games more targeted to the adult audience.

GTA 5 raises new bars on quality, you have an unrivaled authenticity and vibrancy not found in many other games. As usual, Grand Theft Auto games include an incredible level of immersion where you can get lost in the world. That remains true for the Android version as well. You can explore the world of San Andreas for hundreds of hours before you even touch the actual story. Nevertheless, that has always been the charm of the Grand Theft Auto franchise. You can invite friends over and have a party to see who can score the most police stars.

In past games, the writing and humor was solid, but GTA 5 dumbs down the humor to fit a broader audience—not necessarily an improvement. The characters have also not been developed as well as what you had in past games. Still, the overall experience remains an impressive title with an incredible level of depth.


  • Easy to get immersed in the game
  • Can enjoy the game without playing the story
  • A great game for parties


  • Writing not as good as past games
  • A lot of violence and drug use